A Year in Provence: Hats Off to Peter Mayle
Photo by Fabiola PeƱalba on Unsplash

A Year in Provence: Hats Off to Peter Mayle

This is a French page. Created by a <shock> writer. We’ll be reviewing books about France, set in France, or crafted in France. I know it’s an old book, but we couldn’t go any further without paying homage to Peter Mayle who began publishing his memoirs about life in France in 1991. A British writer, his memoir, A Year in Provence, is so rich, his voice so entertaining, the French government made him a Chevalier de la Legion d’honneur <sigh>. Sadly, Peter Mayle passed away in 2018. What a loss. I simply adored this book. It’s so time worn you can find it at your library. Or at one of their sales for a quarter- a sign that there is a God and the universe is generous. You can also order it used on the cheap and have it delivered. Recommend if this one passed you by. I’ll be reviewing more current books as well so watch this space.

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Photo credit: Leonard Cotte on Unsplash (lavender field)

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