Film Review: Les Petits Mouchoirs

Film Review: Les Petits Mouchoirs

Les Petits Mouchoirs, (Little White Lies) is a movie from Guillaume Canet, one of the best new French film makers in a generation. This one is incredible.

It takes place at Le Cap Ferret where I spent my summers as a youth. This place is timeless, with nature as your palate, one hour by car from Bordeaux in southwest France. On one side is the Atlantic Ocean and on the other side, a fifteen minute walk away, is le bassin d’Arcachon.

Le bassin d’Arcachon is like a huge sea swimming pool with marvelous waves. The sand is white and the dune is the highest in Europe, good for climbing.

The story in this film is about friendship. About life and the friends we grew up with close to our hearts. And how we support them, help them, love them, even in hard times. Is love above friendship or the contrary? Do we decide to have love for these people who know so much about us? What would we do for our best friends?

We explore these questions and ponder the answers watching this film. Sometimes moving, sometimes funny, emotions have a central place. In a perfect landscape. Share this film with a friend or two.

See the trailer here.

Les Petits Mouchoirs (Little White Lies) is available on Amazon Prime Video. Even better? It’s free on Tubi.


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